The Gift of Giving – Charitable Gifts

A new year has finally started. But as always, before a start of a new year is a memorable Christmas holiday month. During the years, gift giving during Christmas has upgraded. From DIYs, to beautiful wrappings, to themed gifts. And what a better theme to have on the day of giving other than Giving the Gift of Giving.  This year, me and my husband gave our Christmas dinner guests charitable gifts (gifts/purchases that benefits charities).


Christmas Ornament

UNICEF Holiday 2018 Glass Ornament ‘Chasing Dreams’
PRICE: $14 (shipping not included)

I think that the best gift for people you are not close with will be a souvenir that will remind them of the occasion. Some of our guests I’ve only met once or twice. So I chose this Christmas ornament ball, which is also their 2018 edition. It also comes with a very nice box which makes it more presentable and easy to wrap. So rather than buying specific gifts (except for the children), I gave one to each family. I also bought one for my Christmas tree. And as per their website one purchase “…can provide 5 packets of life saving nourishment to children suffering from acute malnutrition”.

Soccer Balls

UNICEF Sports Soccer Ball with Logo Size 5,
‘Goal Time in Blue’
$15.95 (shipping not included)

The ornament balls were perfect for the family in general. But as Christmas gifts are really for the kids, I decided to buy separate gifts for our young guests. The UNICEF marketplace made it easy for me to choose a gift for the boys. They have soccer balls in 2 sizes. As per their site, one soccer ball purchase “can provide, enough polio vaccine to vaccinate 10 children against polio”.

The blue ones are size 5 but they also have size 3 (prize:$11.95) which is in color white. As there was no comparison from their website photo and didn’t find any reviews in the internet. I decided to just search soccer ball sizes in general. From my search I found out that size 5 are for adults while size 3 are for children.

I almost bought all the balls I needed in size 3, but my husband recommended to just buy the size 5 so that the boys can play with their fathers. Since I was still very nervous that it would be too big, I bought one in size 3 for our 2 year old guest. But I should’ve just followed my husbands advise, because when the size 3 ball came, it was so small it was just like doubled the size of a stress ball.


One more issue with the balls is they arrived deflated, which was a surprise to me because I didn’t see anything on their site that indicates that it needs to be inflated. And since it wouldn’t look good to give it deflated, I bought a small pump for soccer balls (pins included) that is worth almost $9 at Target. Wrapping a round gift was also a challenge.

Warm Hearts Expandable Wire Bangle in Shiny Rose Gold
$38 (shipping not included)

For the teenager, there are a lot of jewelry at UNICEF Marketplace. The only problem is on the details listed, there’s no assurance that it would fit our teenager guest. I continued searching the web for charitable gifts and stumble upon Alex and Ani through other blog posts. One of the good things about their bracelets are they’re adjustable. Not all their products benefit charities, you would have to go to the ‘Charity by design’ choices.

Although they had a special Christmas bracelet, I decided to buy a different design that can be worn all year round. It also comes with a box which made it easier to wrap. When it arrived I was so pleased because the quality was really good, I might even buy one for myself in the future. I also found out that they aren’t only available online, they also have actual stores, I saw one that was just beside a Pandora store which I am more familiar with.

As per their site they will donate “20% of the purchase price… to SOS children’s village whose mission is to build families for children in need, helping to shape their futures and share in the development of their communities”.


Animal Pals – The Jungle Bundle (elephant, monkey, tiger)
Prize: costs $56.25 with $75 value (shipping not included)

For our very young guests, I was planning to buy the stuffed toy from UNICEF Marketplace, but since it was out of stock, I looked for stuffed toys from other charitable shopping sites. Bears for Humanity was not just a perfect alternative but they offer even better products as all their stuffed toys are organic which I bet the parents would love. For each purchase, they donate a stuffed bear to a child from your chosen foundation. You get to choose from their charity partners, and for my purchase I chose ‘Save the Children’.

These are only 3 of the many more companies that offer charitable gifts. So for your next occasions, try gifting the gift of giving. And you won’t only bring smile to your loved ones but also to those people who will be helped with your purchase.

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