To Read or Watch the KonMari Method

The book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo was published in the US in 2014. But only recently was the Netflix show, Tidying Up released. So sparked the question of almost what all shows or movies that have been based on movies lead to. “Which is better, the book or the show?”

Comparing the Actions: Reading Vs Watching

Makes use of our IMAGINATION

Reading books is being practiced mostly as an intellectual endeavor, not just to gain knowledge, but to also broaden our ideas and imagination. Even if an author would give a detailed description of a person, a place or a thing, no reader would be able to imagine the exact same image. I remember reading Fifty Shades of Greyand then being disappointed at who they chose to portray the characters in the movies. Because they weren’t how I imagined them to be while I was reading the book. And from the reviews that I’ve read, I saw that a lot of people felt the same way.

Meanwhile, the television, which is also called the “idiot box”, doesn’t really need much of our imagination. Although I don’t entirely agree that it is an idiot box, since it’s been used a lot nowadays in so many other ways other than just to entertain. I even remember it as part of my school curriculum to watch speech sample videos for my electives. And it was really helpful since you don’t just imagine how a good speaker is. But you actually see and hear how it is done.

Aside form the every now and then of the TV or videos being used as a medium to gain knowledge. Most of the time, it’s still being used just for entertainment. Unlike reading, when used for entertainment it doesn’t really encourage that much of our imaginative side. But rather it makes us more at awe of how brilliant the imagination are of those people who came up with the show.

But there are also times that a lot of imagination is not required. Marie Kondo’s clothes folding method for example. Although it’s nice to read the explanation of why clothes should be folded in a specific way. It’ll be hard to get a good result if you haven’t entirely saw the idea in action. When I read the book I had a totally different idea of how the clothes looks like folded just basing it from the description of the book. Whereas seeing it on TV made it easier for me to follow.

PACE of Acquiring Knowledge

If you want to acquire knowledge faster, watching is the best way to do so. Videos usually give you a walk-through. With DIYs for example, videos give you just enough understanding to accomplish the task. Ever watched those “Make this in 5 Minutes” videos? Even those speech sample videos that I was required to watch at school, was supposed to show me what the qualities of a good speaker are even in just a 5 minute speech.

While book reading will still yield the same result, and maybe even better. It will take a while for you to see it until you actually figure out how to tie the pieces together. Sometimes it will even take more than just one time reading it, and probably having to read more than just one book.

QUALITY of Knowledge

Since gaining knowledge from videos or the television is fast paced, there is really not that much depth to it. Reading books on the other hand will give you a solid understanding of the topic. A base upon which you can build something, since it usually contains the essentials for a specific topic.

With novels and biographies, they omit a lot in the film/videos. Let’s face it, while we hold to almost every single word on a book to get the entire picture. Making every part of it as a scene in a movie or a show would bore even the most detailed audience.

Combining the Actions

While it is so easy to see the difference of the two, combining both actions might actually yield a better result. Especially with self-help books like Marie Kondo’s, because you are trying to learn something practical. Meaning something that can you can practice daily and not just imagine. So why not watch the video first to see what your topic is about then read the book to get a solid understanding of the topics.

Videos might be time saving but books has all the information which a video may not have. But as books might clear a lot of stuff that videos can’t, videos can also do the same.

Like in Marie Kondo’s book, she encouraged tidying to be a one-time special event rather than a daily thing. This thought scared me a lot, thinking that this special event means doing all the tidying in just one day. Because I’m not really good at finishing big tasks in just a day. Through the show, I found out that special event can last to a month. And that’s okay, for as long as you’re following the method correctly and you have a set deadline.

So reading why I have to do it and being shown how it is done and that it is possible, encouraged me more to try the KonMari method. So go ahead read and watch the KonMari method.