About the Author

Riva: n. dreamer

Whenever I would ask my mother where she got my name, she would always answer me that she got it from a book of names and it says there that it means ‘dreamer’. Whether that is the real meaning or not, it was given to me with that meaning in mind.

So I would like to see myself as a dreamer. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer, of being able to influence others through my writing. And I’ve realized that there are endless possibilities with writing. You don’t have to have a formal education to be one. You just have to have the passion to learn and the interest to share your thoughts with others. So join me in achieving this dream through growing this blog I named – ‘Interest Tracking’.

I’ve tried blogging before but I’ve always struggled with ‘niche’. But I realized that I would search the internet with whatever question or topic I have in mind at the moment. So why do I have to limit what I blog about? Interest Tracking was made with the thought that whatever interests me today might be of help to whoever will read it in the future. 🙂